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101 Things Your Spa Should Post On Facebook

May 28,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

101 Things Your Spa Should Post On Facebook

Social media is a great way for medical spas and day spas to reach clients, promote services and educate their online audience. But doing so means creating a steady stream of content, and that isn’t always easy.


Trust me, I’ve been there—staring at the screen wondering what to post to a social media account that will generate engagement, teach social media followers something interesting, or even just make someone laugh. And when you need to think of something new every day, it can be overwhelming.

Never fear! Here are 101 ideas to get your creative juices flowing, tailored specifically to the unique needs of med spas and day spas.


Which will you post today?

1. Ask a question

2. Provide seasonal skincare tips.

3. Share material about awareness days, months or weeks such as National Skin Cancer Awareness Month or National Massage Therapy Awareness Week.

4. Provide tips about wrinkle prevention.

5. Share healthy recipes.

6. Share healthy lifestyle tips.

7. Link to educational articles about skincare products.



8. Share makeup application videos.

9. Post information about what to expect in IPL treatment or other skin treatment.


10. Post about changing skincare needs at different ages.

11. Share reminders about an optimum schedule for spa services, such as monthly massages or facials for best results.

12. Share an infographic about a related topic.


13. Link to news stories about trends in use of products like Botox or fillers.

14. Post introductions of new staff.

15. Share before/after stories from patients or others using your products and treatments.

JONESBlog-May21-2019-before & after16. Post a shocking statistic.

17. Post fun holiday greetings from your staff or birthday wishes to them.


18. Invite followers to post pictures of them following healthy habits.

19. Share tips for protecting your skin while outdoors.

20. Share video reviews of the product lines you carry.

21. Share new product release announcements from your favored brands.

22. Post a healthy living challenge, such as drinking 8 glasses of water every day.

23. Share links to upcoming events where your office will be represented.

24. Post live video from those events while you are there.

25. Add photos after the event has ended.


26. Ask readers to post a GIF as a response to an entertaining question.

27. Share information about other community events focused on beauty, health and wellness.

28. Let followers know if you offer any alternative payment arrangements for intensive treatments.

29. Be vulnerable and video your own personal skincare routine or that of one of your aestheticians.

30. Ask followers what their dream spa day would look like.

31. Post tips for dealing with seasonal changes, such as dry indoor air in the summer or the impacts of heat and humidity in the summer.

32. Find a list of “National ____ Day” recognitions such as National Ice Cream Day and post a funny comment or useful recipe.

33. Recognize staff for reaching significant milestones, such as 5 years with your business.

34. Congratulate staff for achievements such as professional honors or additional education.

35. Share a “behind the scenes” tour of your facility.

36. Ask readers to share their healthy living or skincare goals.

37. Ask them what their greatest skincare challenge is.

38. Share your favorite winter activity.

39. Share your favorite sign of spring.

40. Share your favorite summer activity.

41. Share your favorite fall family outing.

42. Remind readers to use sunscreen.

43. Share a joke or pun.

44. Share an infographic.

45. Explain how a treatment, such as a chemical peel, works.

46. Ask a “Would you rather x or y?” question.


47. Post a proper face washing reminder.

48. Share tips for finding time for self-care.

49. Link to a short meditation.

50. Ask clients to add a review on your Facebook page.

51. Share their reviews.

52. Share posts from your blog (if you have one).

53. Set up a “photo op stop” in your spa and invite patients to snap selfies and tag you in their posts.

54. Post about your business’s charitable giving.

55. Post photos of your staff volunteering in the community.

56. Highlight a “team member of the month” with their photo and a bit of fun personal information, such as the name of their family dog and favorite flavor of ice cream.

57. Provide a link to your website’s “Schedule now” page.

58. Remind patients to find more information about treatments and services on your website.

59. Share updates from professional organizations to which you belong.

60. Post an inspirational quote.

61. Welcome students — and teachers!— back to school.

62. Wish students and teachers a fun summer.

63. Congratulate graduates.

64. Let readers know about new services or products you have added.

65. Offer beauty tips for brides.

66. Provide a pre-wedding countdown calendar for brides listing the best times for a facial, makeup consultation, manicure and other services.

67. Ask readers to share a story about a beauty “fail”.

68. List dates and times for community events that appeal to your audience.

69. Remind readers of how often they should replace products such as makeup or applicators.

70. Find funny memes that tie skincare, beauty or massage with holidays such as the Fourth of July and Halloween.

71. Challenge followers to share a “natural” selfie sans makeup.

72. Offer tips for teens to prevent and treat acne.

73. Ask readers to pick their favorite nail color for spring or fall.

74. Share quotations from industry leaders.

75. Ask readers to share links to their favorite beauty bloggers.

76. Ask readers what they like best about your practice.

77. Ask them to suggest one thing you could change.

78. Invite readers to ask skincare-related questions.

79. Answers those questions, one by one, in individual posts.

80. Post an update any time you change office hours.

81. Create a video greeting.

82. Create an event page when you host an open house, and share it in the days leading up to the event.

83. Share a funny meme related to a spa topic — from manicures to massages.

84. Ask followers about decisions such as changing hours or offering a new service.

85. Post a fill-in-the-blank question, such as “Fill it in: My favorite mid-day pick-me-up trick is __________.”

86. Provide information about how stress impacts the health of the skin.

87. Share a video or infographic that explains how to perform a beauty routine, such as the proper order in which to use skincare products.

88. Invite readers to share their favorite tip for getting their beauty sleep.

89. Ask them to share the healthy beauty habit they don’t like doing, but do anyway.

90. Invite readers to share pictures from their favorite hiking trail.

91. Ask them to post photos of their favorite healthy food (bonus if they share the recipe!).

92. Share video ads or commercials you are using on other marketing channels.

93. Post a “Throwback Thursday” photo with an image from when you started your practice, or a picture of beauty gadgets and treatments from the past.

94. Share a popular photo from your Instagram account, or a tweet from your Twitter feed if you are using those platforms.

95. Post a photo of your mascot if you have one.

96. Interview your mascot in a video.

97. Share your story — why did you open a spa?

98. Post about something you are reading right now that may benefit your clients.

99. Share your latest email newsletter.

100. Bust the latest myth about skincare.

101. Check out your metrics to find your most popular post from a year ago and share it again.


This list should help get your creative juices flowing!

Maintaining a healthy Facebook presence requires time and effort, but can pay off in increased audience engagement, word-of-mouth referrals, improved awareness of your business, happier current clients, increased sales and the addition of new clients.

Creating enough quality content to truly impact your Facebook presence is a challenge for many spa owners, who would rather spend face time building their business and interacting directly with customers than Facebook time researching and writing posts. Email us or chat to learn more about our new program designed to provide you with the content you need for a vibrant social media program focused on harnessing the power of organic content rather than spending on ads and promoted posts. See what this approach did for Serenity Medical Spa in Missouri by requesting the case study here.

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