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Digital Marketing’s Biggest Stumbling Block: Integration

January 13,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Digital Marketing’s Biggest Stumbling Block: Integration

With the astronomical rise in digital media—and the digital marketing that followed—there has been a mass rush to implement some kind of digital marketing by companies of all sizes.

Marketers jumped into social media channels, paid promotions, online video and more as quickly as possible to be able to do a few things:

1. Show their boss that they are on top of the “latest trends.”

2. Establish accounts, handles and usernames that are tied closely to their brands, before they could be snatched up by others.

3. Gain exposure to new customers and, hopefully, generate new leads.

But in the rush to get something—anything—out there, many neglected to tie their digital marketing into the rest of their marketing strategy. While the situation is improving, results of a survey by Millward Brown Digital shows there is still a great need for integration.

Digital Marketing’s Biggest Stumbling Block: Integration

Social media is a prime example of an opportunity to integrate marketing efforts into a complete, coordinated strategy by linking to blog posts, downloadable assets and other online offers that capture leads or sales. If you aren’t using your social media to directly generate leads, now is the time to make changes to integrate it with the rest of your marketing strategy. Find out how in our Social Media Problem/Solution Sheet.

How do you feel about the level of integration in your marketing plan and your marketing mix?

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