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More Leads Coming in for a Landing (Page)

August 28,2015 |BY: Kristin Jones

More Leads Coming in for a Landing (Page)


Inbound marketing is a little like fishing. Cast out your hook, wait for a bite, then reel them in. If you want to catch more fish in a short amount of time, you might set out two poles - twice the opportunity, right?


Increasing landing pages—those pages with forms where potential leads exchange some bit of contact information for an offer such as coupons, an ebook, or a newsletter subscription—increases the opportunities to catch leads. In some cases, the increase is quite substantial. B2B users of HubSpot’s marketing software with more than 40 landing pages reported nearly three times as many leads as those with 16-20 landing pages. (Click to Tweet!)  


Tripling leads seems to me like a sound argument for doubling the number of landing pages offering your prospects quality content.


 More Leads Coming in for a Landing (Page)


As you create those new landing pages, be sure you have done the right things to optimize them for the most possible conversions. Find out how by downloading our free ebook now and watch more leads coming in for a landing.


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