Landing pages are the key link between visitors and leads.  If your landing pages fail to convince a visitor that the benefits of your offer are worth the exchange of their information, you have lost the opportunity to convert them into leads.

Our Landing Page Content Template is an easy-to-use spreadsheet for writing and tracking the content of landing pages for each of your website's offers — ebooks, free trials, etc.  It includes tips for optimizing the copy, along with a way to easily see if you are effectively using keywords.  It is also a great resource to maintain as a shared file for writers, website techs and designers.                    

Use our template to write & track:

  • Headings
  • Image file names
  • Main text
  • Form fields

Organize your landing page content in one convenient format

                landing page content template                
landing page content template

Download our complimentary template now to optimize & organize your landing pages.  Get your copy now.