Understanding, creating and implementing lead nurturing campaigns for your inbound marketing strategy can be a challenge — there are a lot of “if/then,” “what if,” timing and offer decisions to make, all focused on providing the right content to leads, at the right time, to move them closer to a purchase decision.


Programs such as HubSpot automate the actual sending of emails, but planning comes first. That’s why we’ve put together a toolkit of templates and sample documents to help you and your staff understand how lead nurturing works and to simplify the process of planning your next lead nurturing campaign.


Download the toolkit to get:

  • Landing Page Content template—best practices tips for the text, images and forms where visitors convert into leads
  • Lead Nurturing Workflow Template—spreadsheet for planning the text and timing of your nurturing emails
  • Lead Nurturing Workflow Example—sample emails from an actual nurturing workflow, highlighting how each email is personalized based on the lead’s past interaction with your website.

Tools to help create campaigns that convert leads into sales.

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Download your free toolkit now to get a fuller understanding of how lead nurturing email campaigns come together.