Full Stack Developer

Marcin Walczak

Marcin Walczak, based in the UK, is an experienced full stack developer specializing in Ruby. He has a passion for SaaS software development and spends his day building an awesome cloud platform for Jones client Wallop!, a SaaS company known for its PR analytics software. His experience also includes development work for AutoTrader, eLayaway, FreeportMetrics, EMRBear and OnWired. Marcin is famous for his creative problem solving, fast iteration, and pushing the envelope with features in an agile environment. He has a thorough understanding of Restful Architecture, HTTP, and Message Queing systems, and he is fanatical about writing maintainable and extensible code. Marcin’s skills include Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Java, JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, MongoDB, Heroku, Gradle, Unix and MVC.