HubSpot, a leader in digital marketing automation and pioneer in inbound marketing shares the results of it’s 2016 survey of more than 4,500 marketers and business leaders around the world. Within this full-color, detailed report you will find:
  • Marketing and sales priorities and challenges
  • The importance of alignment between departments
  • The state of sales technology
  • How different industries view inbound
  • Content: Who’s writing and how long it takes
  • Where decision makers go for information
  • And more
As a certified HubSpot partner, JONES is privileged to be able to share this information with you. Download your report now to see how your experiences match the inbound marketing industry as a whole.

Discover how to target your best customers using their personas.

                The State of Inbound 2016                

Discover insights and stats on inbound marketing, sales, technology and more.