Task Master, Product Design and Development

Stephanie Kennedy

Stephanie Kennedy, based in the Bay Area, is a project manager for Jones. She is a goal directed, highly organized, detail oriented multi-tasker known for leading teams to successful outcomes. Stephanie is meticulous about managing the details of every project and understands the impact each detail may have on the overall success of the program. She creates processes and procedures that enable teams to consistently deliver quality work on-time and on-budget – and to your specific requirements. Stephanie spends her days leading product design and development for Jones client Wallop! When it comes to product design, Stephanie is an expert at understanding users and thinking through how they would react to your product at every touch point to ensure they have a great experience with your products and services. She creates work teams that are goal focused and energized around your success. And she works with product development to establish priorities in an agile work environment, develop sprint plans, and manage development timelines and deliverables. Stephanie’s proven ability to handle multiple projects, with complex details and timelines, while working well under pressure, makes her a tremendous asset to your team.