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Optimizing Revenue: Solving Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Challenges

Survey findings reveal healthcare organizations and providers are missing opportunities to drive timely payments, grow revenue and maximize reimbursements.

The resources below share findings from West surveys on optimizing revenue. Click below to download the survey report, see related infographics, or view a one-page report summary.



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Optimizing Revenue: Solving Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Challenges

Nearly three in five Americans delay paying their medical bills. Download this report to see how providers can leverage technology-enabled communications to solve revenue cycle challenges.

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Healthcare organizations are facing significant revenue challenges.

West’s study revealed that improving communication on cost with patients can help organizations reduce debt, optimize reimbursements, and increase revenue. See a summary of the key report findings.

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See infographics from West’s optimizing revenue report.

Fourty-two percent of patients cite high deductible health plans as the top reason behind delayed medical payments. Additionally, 95 percent of providers recognize that patients may delay payments due to financial hardships.