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10 Tips for Your Business Facebook Page

February 21,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

10 Tips for Your Business Facebook Page


If your goal for your business Facebook page is to increase awareness of your business, and even better, to attract new customers, you’ll need to focus on a few details.

With recent algorithm changes placing a priority on “friends” in Facebook news feeds, your best bet for getting your business Facebook content in front of users is to create reasons for your followers to engage and share.

Many of the tips below from Bizzebee focus on those priorities.

All 10 of these tips for your business Facebook page are great, but I want to point one thing they missed that is especially important for any business that is using inbound marketing to generate online leads or offer ecommerce: Link from your Facebook page back to your website!

Facebook followers are great at building brand awareness and providing additional word-of-mouth advertising and referrals, but if you want to capture leads or build your ecommerce customer base, you need those followers to find your website.

Not sure how to do that? We’ve offered three solutions to this common problem here: Social Media Mistake—Not Driving Traffic To Your Website.

In the meantime, enjoy this infographic. I hope you find the tips useful. 




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