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Build The Perfect Small Business Instagram Profile

March 06,2019 |BY: Kristin Jones

Build The Perfect Small Business Instagram Profile

Ready to put your small business in front of the one billion (yes, billion, with a “B”) users of Instagram?

Since you’ll be competing for visibility with roughly half of all small businesses, it is essential that you know how to make your Instagram profile and posts stand out.


This infographic from Fundera highlights 15 tips to take your Instagram usage to the next level.

Build a better bio: Make sure you’ve written an Instagram bio that tells users who you are and what you are about, with hashtags that make you easier to find. Include a link in your bio to your website so that it is also easy for your followers to connect with you to make purchases, schedule appointments, or call your business.

Capitalize on content: Know what is already working (and not working) and modify what you share accordingly. Make use of Instagram stories, influencers, and hashtags to increase engagement and credibility.

Stay connected: Get your Instagram followers involved, post when you will get the most views, let followers know where you are.


All of these steps are great ways to keep your social media presence working for you. Want to know one other social media solution you should keep in mind, whether you are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? Don’t let your social media exist in a vacuum on its own; remember to tie it into your overall inbound marketing strategy, with links to draw social media followers into becoming website visitors. More details when you download our Social Media version of our Your Problem: The JONES Solution series of guides.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Small Business Instagram Profile

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