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Give Your Images An SEO Makeover

February 19,2020 |BY: Kristin Jones


It’s easy when thinking about SEO to focus on the text — putting keywords into headlines, writing copy that lends itself to rich snippets and featured answers at the top of the search engine results page. And the infrastructure-minded members of your team — web designers and app-builders — have page loading speed, 404 errors and mobile compatibility at the top of their priority lists.

It can be easy to overlook the role of images in SEO, but 10.1 of all Google traffic is for (Source)

And even when searches use the traditional Google page, images typically appear in the top search results. It just makes sense to take the time to ensure that your website images are contributing to your SEO performance.

SEO Sherpa outlines 19 steps to take to make the most of your images’ power to contribute to SEO in this infographic.



Many of the steps suggested, such as using descriptive file names and alt text, are included in our On-Page SEO Planning Template which you can download from our Inbound Marketing Learning Library. And if you got a little lost at the end when the infographic mentions schema, we have you covered there, too. Download our Microdata, Schema & Rich Snippets Cheat Sheet for a non-web designer’s guide to these important SEO tools.


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