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Quick Tip: Use HubSpot Reporting Data to Improve Your Blog

October 16,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Use HubSpot Reporting Data to Improve Your Blog

One of the key benefits of using an inbound marketing content management solution like HubSpot is the reporting data provided back to your company.

The HubSpot reporting data, when reviewed through a systematic analysis, can provide a wealth of information about the success of your marketing tactics and channels, including your business blog. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your blog’s metrics when they have the potential to provide a wealth of information.


Here is a quick look at some of the metrics HubSpot can provide about your business blog and how you can use that information:

  • Page views: Is your readership growing, falling or stable? Are you reaching the goals and benchmarks you established when starting a business blog?

  • Sources: How are readers reaching your blog? This information can highlight channels where you should focus more attention and tell you which are providing the best ROI, especially if you are using paid promotion to attract readers.

  • Inbound links: Are other sites linking to your blog posts? Use these links to build relationships with brand ambassadors or opportunities for guest blogging.

  • Most popular posts: By knowing which posts generate the most traffic and/or engagement in the form of comments, links and shares, you can focus future blog writing efforts on similar topics or styles.

These few metrics are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are just getting started in HubSpot, the sheer volume of available data can be daunting. That’s where partnering with a HubSpot-certified partner agency can be helpful. Certified partner agencies know the HubSpot system inside and out and can help you more quickly make sense of the data you have available. Find more about choosing a HubSpot agency with our HubSpot Agency Partner Checklist or download a customizable presentation to show upper management the advantages of bringing a partner agency onboard: Why We Need a HubSpot Partner.

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Why We Need an Agency Partner Presentation

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