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Some of our quirks
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Marker We ♥ technology.

Marker We’re knee deep in the venture community.

Marker We guarantee senior-level strategy and execution. It’s an easy promise to keep because we don’t have anyone with less than 10 years experience on our team. 

Marker We don’t hoard relationships; we help our clients build their own meaningful relationships.

Marker We nurture and engage journalists and bloggers – we don’t “pitch” them.

Marker We bill by the task required (not by the hour).

Marker We’re fanatical about PR measurement.

Marker We believe: It’s not the size of your budget that matters; it’s how you use it.

Marker We’re transparent with our fixed, results-driven pricing.

Marker We don’t just say we had a successful campaign. We prove it.

Marker We’re nomads. We take mobility to the extreme.

Marker Our motto: Dream big or go home.

Our name is common.  Our approach is unconventional.
We’re not afraid to be different.  We believe our job is to help our clients win. Our senior strategists are focused on helping develop creative PR and social media programs that correlate to business outcomes. At Jones PR, we don’t just say we had a successful campaign – we prove it. And then, we package the results so you can present your executive team and key stakeholders with the ROI for your PR program. Additionally, we believe experience matters. With Jones PR, you can expect to receive hands-on strategy and execution from our senior team members. In fact, we don’t employ junior staff members. Each and every team member is required to have a minimum of 10 years experience.

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Full-Service Agency Support

Full Service

Our full-service clients are guaranteed hands-on senior strategy and execution.  Whether creating a company launch strategy, planning for a tradeshow, engaging with bloggers, developing and executing a social media campaign, writing a press release, or picking up the phone and talking with journalists – you are assured senior-level support.  At Jones PR, we work with our clients to create PR plans that are laser focused on achieving your set goals.  If there is a strategy or tactic that doesn’t directly map to goal achievement, we replace it with one that will.  We don’t waste time, money and effort on activities that can’t be measured or linked directly to a measureable result.

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Bootstrap PR & VC Relations Programs

Early-stage startups realize they need PR to create market momentum before they seek funding, but they don’t have a lot of money to invest in promoting their business.  Meanwhile, funding doesn’t just happen – it requires focus, time and a lot of nurturing. Jones PR offers bootstrapping startups do-it-yourself (DIY) programs that enable them to stretch budget, with ongoing senior counsel and coaching from agency experts.

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It’s time to face the facts. If you are not measuring the effectiveness of your PR programs, you are likely to find yourself in the shrinking, non-competitive, minority. Don’t use a small budget as an excuse to avoid measurement. You’ll waste more money operating blind, than you’ll spend fine tuning your program with effective monitoring and measurement. With an eye toward helping our clients win, we’ve developed Wallop!, an on-demand PR measurement and analytics software solution that enables companies to see how they stack up against the competition, fine-tune their PR programs to beat their competitors, and present ROI to the executive team. And, yes, other PR agencies are welcome to use Wallop! OnDemand.

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