Creative Director

30 years of creating art from photography and digital to corporate communications

Craig Coffman Photo

Meet Craig:

Craig blends an artist’s eye with a knack for technology, having transitioned throughout his career through the visual possibilities in photography, web graphics, interactive design and print. For JONES, he has brought his unique eye to projects for Yes Health, Actium Health, MOLLI Surgical and Via Delivery, among others.

Teaching himself HTML, PHP, CSS and Flash, among others, Craig worked in San Francisco in dotcom’s heyday before setting out on his own in 2005 with a focus on interactive design. Today, his portfolio includes everything from guiding companies with branding colors, fonts and mood boards to creating the full range of visual marketing content: logos, brochures, ebooks, web and mobile graphics.

Teaming with his wife, Wendy Biernbaum (JONES’ partner in charge of creative services), Craig can color outside the lines bringing his out-of-the-box creativity to their projects as Wendy refines the final result to nail clients’ goals and objectives, bringing together the best of both approaches to graphic communications.

Craig is a comic nerd, fantasy football fanatic and excellent fine artist who has created branded paintings for clients’ office spaces. While his ex-fiancé may have her art on the moon, his wife has his art hanging all over their house.