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16 Benchmarks for Video Marketing [infographic]

16 Benchmarks for Video Marketing Infographic

Do you know what the most popular viewing time is for business-related videos? Or what platform most business videos are viewed on?

These data points and others could have an influence on how you plan your own B2B video marketing strategy, and Vidyard has compiled the answers in the infographic at the end of this post.

Given this information, such as the average retention rate of shorter videos vs. longer ones and the impact of personalization on retention, what decisions will you make regarding your video marketing approach?

Do you anticipate changes to these benchmarks, such as the portion of business videos viewed on mobile devices, in the next two years?

And where will you use your marketing videos in order to maximize the ROI of your investment in creating them? Find ideas for getting more mileage from the videos you create, and the ones you already have, in our Maximizing Your Marketing Videos Checklist.




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