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Don’t Leave Essential Elements Out of Your Marketing Campaigns

Don’t Leave Essential Elements Out of Your Marketing Campaigns

Have you read any articles lately about what’s new and hot in marketing? Are you putting resources into a handful of mobile apps? Or laser-focused on the best way of attracting and implementing user-generated content? Maybe you are jumping into each new social network that shows promise.

Staying abreast of the changes and trends is necessary, but don’t let it cause you to lose perspective on the need for your marketing approach to encompass a full range of tactics. It takes more than one tool to build a successful campaign.

And as I told the Public Relations Society of America’s Kansas City gathering in 2014, a “campaign” isn’t what it used to be. (See the video here.) It is no longer a short series of advertisements or a simple single approach. Your campaign needs to be a coordinated plan that puts all of your tools to work toward achieving the same goal.

Wheelhouse Advisors shows below just how broadly you need to think as you plan out your marketing approach:

  • SEO

  • Website

  • Content

  • Social

  • Inbound Lead Nurturing

  • Outbound Email

  • Customer Communication

  • PPC

All of these tools play a role in a complete marketing campaign approach.

Don’t Leave Essential Elements Out of Your Marketing Campaigns

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If you find that your campaigns don’t make the most of all of your tools, you aren’t alone. One of the most common mistakes we see in marketing departments of all sizes is a failure to put in the planning that makes it all work together. Check out our take on the solution, and create a 360-degree marketing plan that puts all your tools to work on a common goal.

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