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Email Marketing Priorities & Tactics for Inbound Marketers

Email Marketing Priorities & Tactics for Inbound Marketers

When inbound marketers turn to email, their most important goal is increasing engagement — using emails to bring contacts and leads back to their website — followed closely by increasing customer acquisition.

One key factor in both is personalization, making the contact feel that he or she is known and specific needs are being addressed.

Ascend2 outlined the most effective tactics for personalization in this report, as we’ve shown below.

Make sure your email marketing efforts are following a few key rules for effective personalization and the greatest possible reach. We’ve outlined 10 of them in Email for Inbound: Do This, Not That.


6 Steps To Creating Enviable Brands

Download our guide 6 Steps to Creating Enviable Brands to learn the crucial steps you should follow to create an enviable brand for your company.

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