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He's Right: Blogging Really Is Simple

Looking for a simplified way to explain blogging?  John Atkinson of WrongHards covers it pretty well here.  It's the comments that you have to be cautious about.


He's Right: Blogging Really Is Simple


Check out his other comics with a low-tech approach to explaining the world of social media, blogging, and mobile advances.  They are both funny and a great reminder that while things have changed, many principals of business remain the same: prospects want information, leads want solutions, and a positive experience will bring them back.  Blogging really is simple, just make sure you pay attention to your reader's needs.


By the way, if you want to move your blog beyond this type of post and content, our Introduction to Business Blogging is a great place to start.  But it won't work on John's "vintage smart phone."

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