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How to Survive Black Friday (Whether You Shop or Not)

How to Survive Black Friday (Whether You Shop or Not)


Are you ready? The ads have already been leaked online. Some deals started showing up weeks ago - there were even lines in some stores hoping for the few classic Nintendo units sprinkled into retail stores across the country to start the shopping craze.

Black Friday is upon us.

If you are one of those shoppers who will be pouring over tomorrow’s two-pound newspaper full of ads (or creating your online list and mapping out locations with your shopping friends), here’s some advice from GoalZero to help you nab all the great deals.

Survive Black Friday

As for us, Black Friday is a little more serene. We have made a conscious choice to limit the “things” in our lives and on Christmas lists in favor of experiences.

That means we’ll have time Friday morning to catch up on some of our favorite marketing blogs over a cup of coffee. A few recommendations:

  • HubSpot—several posts a day to both the marketing blog and the sales blog

  • MarketingProfs—daily emails linking to how-to articles, statistics, infographics and marketing commentary

  • Kissmetrics—all things data analysis

  • Social Media Examiner—self explanatory

Of course, we won’t spend all day just sitting around. I’ll get in my workout to exercise away the Thanksgiving splurge.

And we’ll spend time as a family hiking out in nature, just the thing to clear my mind for the year-end push.

How will you spend your Black Friday? Whether you choose the shopping center, the woods or your own couch, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We are thankful you have spent a few minutes here with us.

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