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Marketing Match-Up: Inbound vs Outbound When You Know Your ROI

Inbound vs Outbound When You Know Your ROI

When I think about the statistics highlighted in this infographic, which come from HubSpot’s 2017 definitive annual report on the marketing industry, State of Inbound, I feel both reassurance and unease.

Reassurance knowing that inbound marketing works. Four times as many marketers say inbound providers a greater ROI compared to those who say outbound shows a greater return.

But the troubling number is the more than two-fifths of respondents who just don’t know. They either don’t track ROI or don’t know if their company does.

Why is not knowing what marketing efforts generate the greatest ROI a problem? Because if  you don’t know what works (and what doesn’t) you are likely to end up investing your time and money into the wrong tactics, costing you bottom line results along the way.

The good news is that with marketing automation, there should be plenty of data available to be used to calculate ROI, along with the other metrics that point toward successful marketing campaigns, as long as you know how to analyze the data.

Not sure where to start? You’ll find some essential metrics and how to interpret them in our ebook Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing With Analytics. It provides guidance in not only analyzing the data available, but in putting it to use maximizing your ROI in the future.

Check out this inbound vs outbound infographic: 


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