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Quick Tip: Kick Off Campaigns With the Right CTAs

Quick Tip: Kick Off Campaigns With the Right CTAs


As you plan each new marketing campaign—for a new content offer, an event, a contest or a seasonal push—remember to create the calls-to-action that will promote that campaign in a number of different ways and places.

Your CTAs will need to take several different formats, but should all be closely tied to the landing page for whichever campaign you are promoting. (Why? Read this.)

For example, if you a promoting a webinar, you may want to create the following calls-to-action:

  • In-text CTA to use within a blog post

  • Banner CTA to use at the top of your website’s home page

  • Sidebar CTA to use on related web pages or blog posts

  • Paid advertising CTA for search engines

  • Sponsored update CTA for social media

  • Social media link as a CTA

What other calls-to-action would you add to this list?

The ins and outs of calls-to-action are all covered in our free ebook: The Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Executing Calls-to-Action. Download it before you start your next campaign.

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