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Social Media Marketing Strategy: What’s New & What to Do (Infographic)

Social Media Marketing Strategy. What’s New. What to Do. Infographic

Working social media into your marketing mix effectively requires paying attention to details. With more than million pieces of content being shared each minute on Facebook alone, if brands aren’t keeping up with the changes, they’ll be left behind. Here's a great infographic you can use to inform your 2018 social media marketing strategy. 

Details such as image size, the best times to post, new features and changes in audience demographics are hard to keep up with, but OnBlastBlog pulled all of those elements together into a single infographic, including information on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, along with snippets on newer apps that are becoming more relevant to businesses as time goes by. 


While you may not be using all of the platforms detailed in the infographic below now, it never hurts to have this information at your fingertips ready to go. It is also essential to plan out your social media strategy and posts in advance (while being prepared to respond when needed to instant needs). Our Social Media Scheduling Template will help you organize in advance how you will use social media to promote blog posts and inbound marketing offers to maximize visibility and web traffic.


social media infographic social media cheat sheet

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