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Social Media Tip For Spas: Schedule Posts In Advance

Social Media Tip For Spas_ Schedule Posts In Advance

Efficiency matters when you have a limited amount of time to dedicate to social media marketing tasks. While it may seem that writing a Facebook update, adding an image and clicking “Publish” doesn't take long at all, each time you have to shift gears from something else to complete this small task requires a transition of thought, time spent researching, and then time in the platform itself getting it all set up and ready for public viewing.

If you are expecting your front desk staff to handle social media while also answering phones and checking in clients for appointments, something is bound to get lost in the shuffle.

 Whether you as the business owner are handling social media efforts or you have someone on staff assigned to be your digital guru, use this trick to improve your flow and efficiency: set aside a time each week for social media scheduling. Use that dedicated time to research, write and schedule a week’s worth of posts all at once — you’ll use less time overall and be able to create a more cohesive flow and strategy to your social media content when you work in batches. Fewer interruptions and distractions will also mean fewer chances of posts with typos or missing words slipping through.

Facebook and Twitter both allow advance scheduling directly within their business page accounts. LinkedIn users will need to use a third-party social media content management app to schedule posts in advance.

Here are the directions from Facebook and Twitter for scheduling posts in advance.

Not sure what days and times are best? Check out the suggestions in these blog posts:


Of course, you might just want someone else to handle the whole process for you: researching, writing, creating and posting. Email or chat to learn more about our Social Media for Small Business program and download a Facebook success story about how Serenity Medical Spa used organic content — not ads — to build their social media presence.

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