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Social Media Tip: Use Topics To Organize Group Posts

Social Media Tip_ Use Topics To Organize Group Posts

Facebook Groups provide businesses, including healthcare providers, with a vehicle for creating communities within their social media environment where followers, customers or patients can connect with others who have shared interests or experiences. (More on getting started with Facebook Groups here.)

If you build a successful group, with lots of activity, some organization may be in order to keep the group useful for all users. One way of doing so is to use “Topics” to organize posts within the group.

To create Topics, click on Manage Group in the left-column menu, then choose Topics for Posts. You will have the ability to create and save multiple Topics. For example, a family care clinic that hosts a Facebook Group for patients managing high blood pressure might create topics that include “Low-Salt/Salt-Free Cooking & Recipes” or “Exercise Inspiration.” A credit union group might have topics such as “Talking About Money With Kids” or “Improving Credit Scores.”

Once you have created the topics, as group administrator, you can retroactively apply up to 5 topic designations to already-published posts within the group (even if they were posted by other group members). The topics will also appear as an option for all new posts added to the group, allowing members to designate what topic their post matches.

By using topics, you make your Facebook Groups even more user friendly and helpful, building a stronger relationship and community for your followers. Learn more about creating and using groups in our quick guide: Using Facebook Groups To Improve Patient Relationships.


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