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Which B2B Industries Are Making Social Media Work?

Which B2B Industries Are Making Social Media Work?

While social media seems to be the playground of B2C brands, B2B marketers are finding ways to build audiences in the networks that fit their own target markets best.

In fact, some industries tend to cultivate fairly large followings. While overall median audience size for B2B brands on social media is only about 300, the professional services industry has found a home, especially on LinkedIn, with a median audience size of more than 2,500.

Engagement levels, however, are highest for the financial, pharmaceuticals and medical industries, according to 2015 research by TrackMaven.

Which B2B Industries Are Making Social Media Work?

How do your social media audience and engagement numbers stack up against others in your industry? Where are you focusing your efforts?

There is a very important consideration, however, that these figures don’t show when calculating social media success: how many of those social media followers connect to the business’s websites and become leads or customers?

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