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9 Secrets to Writing Headlines (infographic)

August 16,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

9 Secrets to Writing Headlines (infographic)

Business blogs can be highly effective at attracting website visitors, boosting SEO, and generating online leads. But only if your best prospects read the posts. What attracts them to read a post? The headline.

The strongest headlines are only a few words, but with each word carefully chosen for impact and connection.

Many of the characteristics of great headlines can also be translated into content as a whole, but the trick is boiling these nine secrets down to a handful of words.

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Make headline writing a priority in your business blog process. You may want to brainstorm a preliminary headline as you develop topics for your blog, then refine and improve the headline once the post itself is written.

We’ve included a space for a suggested headline in our ready-to-use Business Blog Calendar Template. Download it today and start coming up with the ideas for headlines that will capture readers.

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