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Build Your Blog With An Idea Log

February 15,2016 |BY: Stephanie Grams

Build Your Blog With An Idea Log

Ideas don’t always come when you want them to. Trying to force an idea when you’re sitting down facing a blank screen makes trying to build your blog tedious and not very enjoyable.

One thing that helps combat writer’s block, and something that not enough bloggers do, is to keep a running list of blog ideas. Whenever you come across something that would make a good post, capture it in an idea log.

Now, I’m not just talking about writing down the topic, but more suggesting you write down a short summary of your idea. Try to flesh out a few sentences to really describe what excites you about the post idea. That way you’ll have something to build off of when you eventually sit down to write the post.

If you have a specific thought about what format would work best for the idea, include that too. For example, maybe you are envisioning a “how to” post or a “top 10 list”; if you have something in mind go ahead and record it.

Finally, get excited about doing this. Challenge yourself to see how many ideas you can log in week. If you can record a couple solid ideas over the course of each day, filling your blog calendar will be so much easier. Before long you’ll have trained yourself to look for possible blog posts while you’re working on non-blogging tasks, and you’ll have a stockpile of topics to choose from when you need to write.

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