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Healthcare Content Marketing: Channels & Content Promotion (infographic)

July 13,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones

Healthcare Content Marketing_ Channels & Content Promotion (infographic)

Healthcare is one industry that straddles the line between tradition and new technology when it comes to marketing. While social media now tops the list for how healthcare marketers distribute content to reach new and existing patients, more traditional formats such as print magazines remain an important part of many marketing strategies.

According to a 2018 report by True North Custom, social media was the most-used content marketing tactic amongst healthcare businesses, followed by e-newsletters, videos, print magazines and blogs. The top social media platform was, unsurprisingly, Facebook.

It isn’t surprising that Facebook leads the way for healthcare marketers, as it has the widest-reaching audience of all social media channels currently and is suited to a variety of content, including text, videos and infographics. Find more about how Facebook can help individual healthcare providers as well as larger healthcare businesses in our guide: 6 Ways Facebook Benefits Healthcare Providers.



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6 Benefits of Facebook for Healthcare Providers

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