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How Healthcare Mixes Traditional & Digital Content (Infographic)

How Healthcare Mixes Traditional & Digital Content (Infographic)

Digital content is nothing new to the world of healthcare marketing. For decades, hospitals, clinics and practitioners have published magazines and newsletters aimed at educating their patients and establishing a voice of authority.

So it’s no surprise to see that the industry has taken to digital media and content along with other industries. In fact, according to a report from TrueNorth nearly 2/3 of healthcare marketers utilize website articles and videos, while 3/4 are publishing social media content (not counting blogs).

That doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned offline content, however, which makes sense given the wide range of demographics most healthcare organizations need to reach.

How Healthcare Mixes Traditional & Digital Content (Infographic)

While many of the marketers involved in this survey work with organizations involved directly in patient care, the B2B side of healthcare is also relying heavily on content as the emphasis shifts from purely paid advertising to earned and owned content that offers more information and a deeper understanding of problems as solutions.

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