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KPIs Inbound Marketers Need To Know

December 19,2018 |BY: Kristin Jones


KPIs Inbound Marketers Need To Know

I’ve said many times that analyzing metrics is how marketers prove and improve: How we prove the value that our marketing strategies bring to the company (in real customers and dollars) and how we improve our strategies on a continual basis.

I’m not the only one saying that.

Column Five Media and Marketing Profs agree. Their infographic highlights five important KPIs you should be tracking and provides tips on how to put those numbers to work.

Scroll through the infographic to find more insights on tracking and using the metrics that make the most impact.


Customer Lifetime Value: How To Calculate The Bottom Line Marketing Metrics That Mean Business


Customer Acquisition Cost: Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Wants To Know


Marketing ROI: Are You Measuring Your Content Marketing Results? (infographic)


Traffic-To-Lead Conversions: Using Conversion Rate Data To Plan Campaigns


Lead-To-Customer Conversions: Identify The Marketing Content That Creates Customers


Which of these metrics do you struggle with the most?

Maybe it’s time to find someone else to help you make sense of the numbers.



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