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Marketing Infographic: Where Alignment & Effectiveness Intersect

December 01,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Where Departmental Alignment & Marketing Effectiveness Intersect (infographic)

Sometimes, two seemingly connected circumstances truly are coincidence. Other times, as much as we’d love to think otherwise, the connection is clear as can be.

Sometimes, the connection is a case of causation. Sometimes it is correlation. But the connection is there.

Such is the case with alignment between marketing and sales departments and the effectiveness of a marketing strategy, as shown by the results of HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Report.

What do you think? Causation or correlation?

Does alignment lead to a more effective marketing strategy? (Or vice versa?)

Are that companies that have stronger strategies just more likely to keep their sales and marketing departments aligned? Or companies that are aligned just more likely to have the people in place to create great strategies?

Check out the marketing infographic at the end of this post, and then tell us what you think.  

Personally, I’d say the success of the companies cited above is a combination of all of the above. When marketing and sales are aligned, everyone works together more effectively—your team is more likely to give their best when they don’t think the other department is going to undermine them.

What can you do to create an environment of alignment, understanding and more effective strategies? Find specific action steps in our Complete Guide to Unifying Marketing & Sales.

Here's the marketing infographic. Check it out. Then, share your thoughts in the comments on how alignment and marketing strategies impact one another.





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