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What You Gain When Marketing & Sales Are Aligned

What You Gain When Marketing & Sales Are Aligned

“Well, if sales could actually close . . .” “If marketing would take the time to qualify . . .” Ever hear these words, or something similar, in the departmental meetings held each month to review results?

If so, there is probably a disconnect somewhere between the expectations each department has of what the other will or should do. But if you can align the goals and expectations of your sales and marketing departments, your company could see increases in revenue, customer retention, and growth of both revenue and profit.

But don’t just take my word for it. Wheelhouse Advisors lays out the argument for unifying your marketing and sales quite well in this infographic.

How to Align Sales and Marketing to Boost Revenue by 208% #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Are you looking for more details on how to bring your marketing and sales into alignment, or how to use tools such as a service level agreement (our template is here)? Our Complete Guide to Unifying Marketing and Sales will walk you through setting goals, defining a qualified lead, and establishing a “smarketing” team.

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