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Moving Small Business Marketing Beyond Social Media [infographic]

November 10,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Moving Small Business Marketing Beyond Social Media infographic

When it comes to small business marketing, more than two-thirds of small businesses have gotten the message that a social media presence is not optional. Some even fall victim to thinking it is an alternative to having a website (I disagree).

While Infusionsoft’s survey of a thousand small businesses shows that most are getting the message that consumers and customers want content and want to find them online, they aren’t putting all the pieces together yet.

Check out the final section of our infographic below—the one about where leads are coming from.

More small businesses still rely on personal contact or phone calls as their primary source of lead information over any other. What they are missing are the steps that take their social media efforts (one aspect of digital marketing) and their online content to the next level: inbound marketing so potential customers provide the small business with the contact information they need to reach out. 

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