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Put PR Content To Work For Sales With QR Codes

May 13,2016 |BY: Kristin Jones

Put PR Content To Work For Sales With QR Codes 

Public relations and sales are on parallel paths much of the time. Each providing information, but without often crossing over to influence the effectiveness of the other. That shouldn’t be the case.

Here is a perfect example of how PR materials can be used to directly influence a sale: QR codes.

QR codes are a scannable code designed to take a consumer or visitor directly to a webpage. Used at the point of sale, such as on an information card in a retail store, they can be a great direct gateway to putting information in the hands of a prospective customer to convince them to complete the sale.

While QR codes can take interested shoppers to a page that includes a discount code or other more obvious sales tactic, it can also be a way to greatly expanding supporting information beyond what can be included in a display at the store.

Put PR Content To Work For Sales With QR Codes

Think about loading that destination page with:

  • Detailed product information

  • Product awards and industry recognition

  • Product reviews or media mentions

  • Social proof, such as Facebook updates or tweets

You’ll find more ideas for point-of-sale content, along with content for buyers in all stages of consideration, in our easy-to-ready reference sheet: Content Strategy for the Sales Funnel. Download it now for inspiration.

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