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Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity Development (infographic)

March 17,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity Development (infographic)

Starting a new business, or even launching a new product or service, requires careful planning, from product development and cash flow projections to determining delivery methods and creating awareness and buzz.

It also requires careful consideration of how you will establish your business or product in the market as a brand. It isn’t enough to just have a graphic artist draft a logo and put together complementary colors.

Ultimate Guide to Brand Identity Development (infographic)

Creating a brand that will be the envy of your industry starts with discovery and continues through to delivery of a complete identity, marketing strategy and content plans to support that strategy.

Find more in-depth details and success stories in our ebook, Six Steps to Creating Enviable Brands or request a complementary consultation to learn more about the JONES approach to branding and identity development and how we can help you.

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Six Steps to Creating Enviable Brands

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