Partner in Charge of Web Development

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Meet Joren:

With 16+ years of industry experience, a designer and developer by trade, Joren has built a reputation for providing excellent technical capabilities with a genuine and honest rapport with his clients that allowed him to quickly and steadily grow a software development business. Two locations and a staff of 8 developers and one ping pong table later, they now have a 2,200sq ft renovated location in tech incubator where he's excited for himself and his staff to share in a budding tech and startup culture in Akron, Ohio.

Part of Joren's objective with his business has always been to create a group of highly skilled and respected developers that thrive off working with a variety of challenging projects and working with cutting-edge technologies. His team specializes in all things code and server management, and have built hundreds of websites ranging from brochure style sites, to ecommerce, to custom web and mobile applications. He enjoys focusing on improving any business' efficiency, whether it be improving sales through a well optimized website or by increasing human productivity through automation and integrating with multiple services to create a unique solution.

In addition to providing tech and design services, another of Joren's endeavors has been a SAS (software-as-a-service) product called Handshaked which was inspired by his work with other local businesses, and other opportunities he noticed among modern business networking tools that were severely lacking in some areas.

Outside of his career and education, Joren has been with his wife Candace for 17+ years and together they've had a million furbabies. He has a large list of hobbies and passions - board games, fitness, yoga, snowboarding, video games, music, reading fiction and non-fiction, 3D printing, travel, drones, automation, politics, philosophy, psychology, biology, physics, and just about anything else that dips into tech or engineering in some way.