25+ years directing strategy, design and implementation of integrated digital marketing campaigns


Meet Scott:

Scott is the detail-oriented director of operations, project manager and day-to-day strategist for JONES.  Today, this full-service agency has grown into a respected firm serving technology clients that span healthcare IT, digital health, medical devices, biotech and life sciences, fintech, SaaS, 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

A seasoned digital marketer and creative director known for his contagious ideas and expertise, Scott has a knack for being able to direct the big picture while keeping every detail in line for his clients. He has built and maintained mutually-successful client relationships with national brands, ranging from Yes Health and Actium Health to QPS, Cloudli, Avanti, Fairly.AI, ACI Worldwide, West Corporation, TeleVox Solutions, Stryker, FNBO Direct, Pacific Health, Active Network, and many more.

Scott has earned HubSpot certification, with years of experience in search engine optimization, website design, multimedia content creation, video editing and animation. Ever at home with emerging technology, Scott is ready to research and implement the solutions that are best for his clients.

Scott’s combination of business acumen, attention to detail and creativity have been essential in helping JONES clients develop great campaigns, while staying within budget and timelines. You’re never left out of the loop or wondering about the status of projects. Scott will always give you objective feedback when evaluating new marketing opportunities and setting goals.

He is also skilled in building relationships with editors and business publications, understanding the fine art of pitching stories and ideas that earn JONES clients placements in key publications and media interviews that leverage the power of earned media as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

A black belt in Taekwondo, Scott applies the same energy toward his clients’ success as he does toward fostering his martial arts skills, and he applies the tenets of his ancient art to every interaction and challenge he encounters in business as well: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. And, if you’re lucky, on your next Zoom call you’ll catch a glimpse of the martial arts armory adorning the walls of his office—swords and daggers and knives, oh my!

Scott’s clients

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