Senior Content Marketing Leader


Stephanie Grams, based in Omaha, is the senior content marketing leader for Jones. If you want to be on the cutting edge of content marketing, you want Stephanie on your team. She’s an expert in contextual marketing and is passionate about delivering “smart”, personalized content. As a certified HubSpot Inbound Marketing Expert, she knows how to use technology to automatically cater your content to a prospect's specific interests, lifecycle stage, or industry.

Stephanie also will help you build a long-term SEO strategy by focusing on the three pillars of SEO: content, links and social media participation. She knows anchor text and keywords don’t work the way they used to, and that today’s SEO success depends on the use of natural language and long tail keywords. She knows trying to “game the system” backfires and that poor quality links will negatively impact your search ranking. With this in mind, Stephanie will help you earn links from credible sources by developing a content strategy specifically for social media. And, she will make your content work more than once by repurposing it in multiple formats across multiple channels.

Stephanie excels at lead nurturing and can help your team implement an effective program that delivers sales ready leads that make larger purchases and drive increased revenue. From the essentials of an effective inbound strategy, to landing page anatomy, to segmenting your contact database, to automated workflows, Stephanie can help you maximize your online conversion using a proven process, which is both powerful and easy to measure.