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Quick Tip: Hire Great Writers

February 13,2017 |BY: Kristin Jones

Quick Tip: Hire Great Writers

Time and again, marketers have said that content creation is one of the most effective SEO tactics in their toolboxes. In fact, a 2015 survey by Ascend2 showed by 72 percent of marketing, sales and business professionals shared that opinion.

And 46 percent agree that content creation is one of the most difficult tasks.

Yet too many marketing departments and agencies fail to acknowledge the importance and difficulty of creating great content when it’s time to assign jobs. Instead, they make the common mistakes outlined in our problem/solution paper—Content Creation Mistake: Failing to Find and Enable Good Writers.

Those mistakes:

1. Assigning writing duties to the newest or most inexperienced staff.

2. Not giving writers time to focus on writing.

It isn’t just company marketing departments who make this mistake, either. Too many agencies assign their clients’ writing needs to junior staffers, which can mean clients end up going through multiple rounds of revisions to get the quality of work that should have been delivered the first time through.

Who writes your brand’s content—blog posts, white papers, video scripts, website copy, emails, and the rest? Are your writers (or your agency’s writers) getting it right the first time through?

Our advice: Read through the reasons for taking a quality-first approach to content creation in our problem/solution paper, and then review how JONES approaches writing in The JONES Solution: Content Creation.

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