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How To Improve Your Writing Skills … or “No More Mediocre Content”


How To Improve Your Writing Skills … or “No More Mediocre Content”

There is a lot of content out there. So much, that there simply is no place amongst it for content that is “just OK.” Content that is “just OK” won’t be seen, won’t be shared, won’t drive awareness, and definitely won’t generate leads and sales.

We believe that wholeheartedly, both for the content we create for our clients and the content we create for our own use — that’s why we have been known to take a completed infographic back to the drawing board and start all over from scratch because it was “ok” but not great.

It is also why we believe in hiring experienced writers to create all of our content.

But we can all take time to improve our writing, which is why I wanted to share these 29 tips for becoming a better writer from Enchanting Marketing.

Which of these tips and practices will you put into practice first? I think there are some great ideas to help rookie writers hone their craft, along with reminders for veterans to step back and examine their writing for ruts they should break out of. Perhaps it’s time to try a new technique, such as the zoom-in, zoom-out mini-stories to freshen up your approach.

If finding, keeping, and enabling great writers is a struggle, check out our Content Creation Problem/Solution Sheet for insights on how to turn your “just OK” content creation process into a great one. If you want to know more about how outsourcing content creation to a team of experienced writers and designers, I’d love to talk. Schedule a no-obligation meeting with me, and we can chat about how JONES might be able to create the great content your company needs.



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