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Secrets for Video Marketing Success: What West & JONES Did Right

video marketing success story

With video marketing being hailed as the future of content, you are no doubt searching “how to make a marketing video,” and finding dozens of links to “how-to” guides promising that all you need is a smartphone, a couple of apps, and a little creativity, and you’ll have the next viral video drumming up business.

The reality, however, is a little different. While video is the fastest growing type of content online (to the tune of being forecast as 80 percent of consumer internet traffic across the world by 2019), what that means for marketers is that simply throwing together some random clips and eye-catching graphics isn’t going to achieve business objectives of increasing website traffic and driving lead generation and sales.

Instead, successful marketing videos, particularly for B2B brands, will be the result of careful planning and incorporation into the overall content marketing strategy. And that is precisely what JONES has helped partner West achieve with a package of videos created to support West’s well-established research-based content marketing strategy in the healthcare industry. (Visit our client profile page for West, now Intrado, to download a content package sample.)

Here are three key things JONES and West did right in creating their marketing videos.

1. Videos map to the West brand

Have you ever watched a video and then realized at the end that it was from a brand you are familiar with, but it just didn’t match your image of that brand? That could mean a more broad mismatch such as silly or even mild crude humor from a brand you associate with a more conservative stance (you’d never confuse an ad or video from Progressive with one from Allstate), or a video that is simply missing the visual cues and elements that link it to the brand. Imagine, a Nike video without a “swoosh;” it just wouldn’t be the same.


Marketing videos should match your brand just as the rest of your marketing content does, from the voice or tone of the video, to the messaging and brand identity elements such as colors, fonts and logos.

When JONES and West created a series of videos to use on the West website and in other marketing channels, there was no question that the videos were from West. The videos fit seamlessly with the rest of the marketing materials and content JONES created for West highlighting insights from original research and focusing on the solutions that research revealed to help healthcare practices address issues such as preventive care and revenue optimization.


marketing video should match brand guidelines brand look and feel


2. Videos connect to specific marketing campaigns

It is easy sometimes for video development to seem like a separate project from the rest of content development, especially if much of your written marketing content is created in-house, but you work with an outside agency to create marketing videos.

But video should not be separate. It should be incorporated into your content and inbound marketing strategies from the beginning, so that you know who it is designed to reach, how it will be used and promoted, and where it will be included in campaigns or workflows. 


Working with JONES, West included videos in their campaign planning calendar designating specific campaign topics, target audiences, and stages of the sales funnel being reached before diving into video production.

For example, West’s patient engagement inbound marketing campaign includes an explainer video in the awareness phase of the sales funnel, complementing other content on the same topic, including a white paper, how-to articles, planning template, solution sheet and case studies.  (Learn more about explainer videos vs. problem/solution videos and the steps involved in creating great marketing videos in the JONES Video Solution and Creation Process.)

Take a look: 


Notice how the look and feel of the blog graphics, the marketing handout and the video all carryout the company's branding. The marketing video clearly matches the West brand just as the rest of West's marketing content does. 

Here's a look at some of West's blog graphics and a marketing handout for comparison. 


 branding video marketing success story


3. Videos touch on specific solutions to customer problems

When creating marketing videos, remember that your viewers aren’t necessarily looking to have a product or service sold to them. They are more likely watching the video because they have a problem they are trying to solve, whether that “problem” is what to serve at their next backyard BBQ or how to improve cash flow to keep their business running smoothly.

JONES and West focused the solution and benefits videos in their latest package of videos, developed to support ongoing content marketing campaigns, on several specific problems faced by healthcare providers: revenue cycle management, preventive care management, patient engagement and others.

In this revenue optimization solution and benefits video, you’ll hear right away a list of challenges that would be familiar to any healthcare provider: no-shows, late payments, and failure to follow treatment plans.



The video quickly tackles those problems and highlights a solution, with statistical results proving the benefits of utilizing that solution.  This kind of useable information, backed up by research and case study results, establishes West’s status as a resource and industry leader and introduces both prospects and current customers to new ways of using the company’s TeleVox Solutions technology.


What makes it easy for JONES to get video right?

JONES has the advantage of being more than video production studio. As a full-service marketing and PR firm with a wealth of experience working in the healthcare and technology industries, JONES understands that video is an integral component of, not just an off-hand addition to, a complete marketing campaign. Having worked with West for nearly a decade, JONES was uniquely suited to incorporate video as a natural part of West’s existing content marketing strategy.

Allison Hart, vice president of marketing communications for West/TeleVox Solutions, says the combination of marketing experience, brand familiarity and animation expertise was key to creating videos that accomplish the company’s goals.

“The videos JONES created for West blend seamlessly into our messaging and campaigns; their understanding of our brand, and ability to translate it into animation, was obvious,” she said.  “And thanks to the detailed scripts and storyboards, there were no surprises when post-production rolled around.”


Are you ready to incorporate video into your own content or inbound marketing strategy?

Here are a few resources to help you start planning:


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