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2018 Marketing Plan: It's Time for the Year-End Push

2018 Marketing Plan It's Time for the Year-End Push

Is your 2018 marketing plan detailed and ready to go, just a few sketchy ideas of topics and target audiences, or a blank sheet? If you are facing one of the last two answers, there is still time before year’s end to schedule a daylong or half-day strategy session to get ready to rock your next year.

Whether you commandeer the conference room or book an outside location to get your team out of the office and out of routine, taking a day to generate ideas and refine them into a series of campaigns will set your marketing program up to start the new year strong.

While wide open brainstorming is great, if time is limited (and when isn’t time limited?), use a framework like our Campaign Planning Calendar Template to provide structure.

The template will help you identify:

  • Target audiences (aka buyer personas)

  • Topics

  • Multiple levels of content, based on the sales funnel, that align with each topic and target audience

campaign calendar image.jpg


Use a projection system to put the template pages up on a screen and fill in as ideas come up, or go old-school and recreate it on a series of giant notepads or whiteboards around the room. Either way, a day of brainstorming, discussion and planning should be able to yield a year’s plan of monthly campaigns, complete with ideas for specific downloadable assets and blog post topics.

Need more inspiration? Check out how an actual complete campaign for one of our partners came together with the sample in Creating A Winning Inbound Program.

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