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If Content Marketing Were a Cocktail Party …

If Content Marketing Were a Cocktail Party …

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and who doesn’t love a party? Of course, if you are hosting, you want to make the right impression and offer a range of beverages to suit all of your guests’ tastes.

JBH, a UK-based content marketing agency, has offered up a marketing infographic that delivers a tasty menu of content cocktails that should get you in the spirit.

Do you have a signature drink—something from their menu that you specialize in? We suggest you be ready to mix a little of everything for your 2018 inbound marketing soiree, top-shelf quality, of course.

Have fun brainstorming your next inbound campaign with this creative cocktail menu of marketing content.

Need more inspiration? Check out how an actual complete campaign for one of our partners came together with the sample in Creating A Winning Inbound Program.



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