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8 Secrets To Make Working In Word Easier

8 Secrets To Make Working In Word Easier

I know you’ve been using Microsoft Word for years. Haven’t we all? But I bet at least one of these tricks is new to you.

Silverdoor outlines both some shortcuts you probably all ready know (CTRL+A), but also some that you may not. And they could make your content creation efforts run more smoothly with just a few keyboard tricks.

8 Secrets To Make Working In Word Easier

8 Awesome Microsoft Word Hacks – An infographic by the team at

Which trick will you be most likely to use? I’m going to remember No. 4—it will save time having to reset each part of the formatting when I’m repurposing content I’ve used somewhere else.

It’s always a good idea to continue to brush up on your technology skills and use of popular applications, especially when you are job hunting or starting a new position. Along with showing off your wicked Word tricks, check out the checklists in our Your First 100 Days in Your New Marketing Job ebook for the best ways to make a good impression with your new boss and colleagues.

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