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Are You Doing What It Takes To Prove ROI? (infographic)


Are You Doing What It Takes To Prove ROI_ (infographic)

When it is time to put in your budget request for the upcoming year, and fight for the funding you know your marketing strategy needs, will you have the data to back up your request?

While marketing teams may be convinced of the value of their work, the executive suite may not have the same perspective, and other departments will be vying for the same dollars. That means it is essential for marketers to prove that they are providing a return on investment.

But only 13 percent place a priority on doing the data analysis needed to actually prove ROI (even though 3 in 10 say it is one of the most challenging parts of their job).

There are many ways to tackle the challenge of proving the ROI of marketing efforts, from data collection through closed loop marketing and marketing automation solutions such as HubSpot to marketing success audits that take a snapshot of how marketing efforts are performing.

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