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Ban Buzzwords from Your Website Copy

Ban Buzzwords from Your Website Copy

Our next generation products are designed to meet the mission critical needs of our clients with cutting edge, scalable features that flexible and easy to use.

So, what industry do you think that statement describes? Technology? Health care? Finance? Yours?

Unfortunately, you could probably drop that sentence into website copy for any one of those industries and it wouldn’t look out of place, because those are the buzzwords that marketers tend to fall back on when they are looking for something to say.

So what do those words really say? Nothing.

Those phrases are the kind of gobbledygook that has no place on your company’s website. You may think you are adding emphasis to your writing, but because these buzzwords and others have been so over-used and abused, they are more likely to generate eye-rolls than inspiration.


Along with eliminating gobbledygook buzzwords, consider throwing out acronyms that are obscure or unnecessary.

Instead, focus on creating copy that is clear, concise, and useful.

MailChimp is a good example of a B2B company that has steered clear of corporate jargon and hyperbole in its website copy. Here are a couple of great examples of clearly written copy that is still engaging.

From their features page:

Flexible design for brands of any size

Use our easy drag and drop designer to create campaigns that match your style. Want to build your own email? Check out our email template reference. MailChimp's collaboration options, like multi-user accounts and comments inside the editor, will speed up the design process and fit right into your workflow.

And from their resources page:

MailChimp's guides offer information for email marketing rookies, experts, and everyone in between. We'll walk you through your first newsletter, show you how to use your report stats to write better content, and make sure you know all the spam laws. Whether you're an email pro or just exploring your options, there's a MailChimp guide for you.

It is clear what MailChimp does: email marketing. It’s clear how their service is set up: clients create the emails in MailChimp’s software, and it does the rest. And there isn’t a single “cutting edge,” “robust,” or “next generation” buzzword to be found.


Strive to achieve a similarly gobbledygook-free status for your own website, blog, and other content.

Find more tips for great copy:

So, what current buzzword causes you to roll your eyes when you encounter it? Tell me so I can be sure to avoid it, too.

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