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Business Blog Posts That Readers Share [infographic]

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For the majority of business blogs, there will never be a true “viral” post that is shared around the world like wildfire. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t approach each post we write with a goal of creating shareable content.

Of course, at the core of every shareable post is engaging, well-written, useful and usable content that appeals to a specific buyer persona with relevant information. Beyond that, TrackMaven found a few characteristics that the most “shareable” posts had in common.

We've included six common characteristics of the most powerful posts in a marketing infographic at the end of this post. Check it out! 

Which of these rules do you follow regularly when writing your blog posts? All are easy to remember, easy to follow, and most only require a little extra attention to how you write your posts and titles.

Are you looking for more tips on what to do (and what not to do) as you write business blog posts you hope your readers will share? Check out the eight more ideas in our ebook Business Blogging: Do This, Not That, the latest addition to our Inbound Marketing Learning Library of resources.




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