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The Habits of Frequently Shared Business Blog Posts

The Habits of Frequently Shared Business Blog Posts

One of the best ways to grow your business blog’s readership is by encouraging readers to share your blog posts with their social media networks. As we’ve all seen when something “goes viral,” the potential in the social media sphere is immense.

So what kinds of business blog posts have the most potential to tap into the social media machine?

According to a review by HubSpot and BuzzSumo of 175,000 business blog posts, the ones most often shared on LinkedIn contained the term “habits.” Posts dealing with the “boss,” “mistakes,” “employees,” and “leaders” also ranked well for sharing.

The Habits of Frequently Shared Business Blog Posts

It isn’t surprising that LinkedIn leads in B2B blog posts, while Facebook favors B2C blogs, particularly in the areas of home ownerships and maintenance and health.

Emphasize the “share-ability” of your business blog content by using social media yourself to share links to your blog, including one-click buttons on your blog page to enable sharing, and writing the kinds of content readers love to share.

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