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Don’t Settle for Marketing Content That Is Just “Good”

Don’t Settle for Marketing Content That Is Just “Good”

In college, the head of the journalism department had a few pet peeves. And she made sure incoming freshmen knew what those were from the start. Wasn’t that nice of her?

Nice. Such an innocuous word. Unassuming. Bland. Meaningless. And totally unacceptable in any story submitted to Mrs. P. To this day, I will search my brain for any other word to substitute in place of “nice” when writing. And so should you.

Banish “nice,” along with its boring cousins “good,” “sad,” “happy” and a dozen others. They aren’t necessary when you can choose more precise and evocative options from those listed by GrammarCheck.

Don’t Settle for Marketing Content That Is Just “Good”

I understand how easily we can all backslide into using the most common, convenient and admittedly, boring, words when cranking out marketing content day after day (5 blog posts a week, right here!). But taking just a few minutes to weed out the worst offenders, and check your writing against the criteria in our Content Quality Report Card, can help you create something that isn’t just good; you’ll create something superb. And wouldn’t that be nice?

What are your writing pet peeves and banished words? Share them in the comments!

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